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reserves are now open, opening in a few days!

reserves are now open, opening in a few days!


so tbh i think tumblr hates me cos i’ve sent a lot of people asks and gotten no response (-insert sad face here-) so hit me up on aim (thematictravis) and we can work plots with your character(s) and dot because reasons <3


lilah jaworski

lilah jaworksi is his best friend, plain and simple. ever since they were toddlers, they have been friends and there isn’t anything in the world that is going to change that. even though pacey’s life has gone in a different direction than lilah’s, causing some strain, pacey knows that at the end of the day, if he has no one to count on in the entire world, he will still have lilah. he wishes that he could figure out some way to fix whatever the divide between them now is, because with all the chaos happening in his life, he could really use his rock. he keeps telling himself that things will get better and fix themselves eventually, so he’s trying not to rush it. truth be told though, he really misses her.

dorothy “dot” gerber, 26, actress, the divas

  • an heir to the gerber baby food foundation.
  • hence the last name.
  • when she was a baby, she was a gerber baby. 
  • go figure.
  • she started acting and did lots of the usual kid shows.
  • barney, seasame street, etc. she was there. 
  • her family took her out of the acting thing until she graduated.
  • she went to a small but decent private school. 
  • when she was eighteen, she moved to los angeles.
  • she got an agent. yay acting. 
  • (insert projects she did here…send me things?)
  • she’s actually rather talented. but hella hard to work with.
  • so i mean while she has a reputation, she still gets work.
  • tbh she is kind of like…a s1 blair waldorf.
  • or really, if caroline forbes was famous, yeah, like that too.
  • she really means well. her heart is in the right place.
  • she just doesn’t have much of a filter. 
  • like…if a thought enters her head, she says it. sorry.
  • she briefly dated cole adams once upon a time.
  • other than that, i have like…no plots figured out w/ people.
  • so please send me messages and we can talk!
  • she needs everything, yo
  • friends who are able to see past her annoying tendencies.
  • enemies who can’t stand her cos she’s a diva.
  • love interest are always fun too, ya know! 
  • and projects. always send projects for her to do! 
  • she does mainly film, but i could see her doing some tv.

dot gerber on cole adams:

"cole? oh my gosh, where did you get that photo!!! that must have been…what, four years ago? yes! he was my date pretty much entirely for that award’s season. we broke up and decided to just be friends, but he’s always been a great guy. total support and rock, and that smile! lord knows i got lost in it a couple times while we dated…"


hit me up on aim (thematictravis) or skype ( cos dot (my candice accola) needs some plots and loves! free shitty manips need to be made and i need some plots to do them! <3

alright people now that reserves are open, i wanna see this tag on fire with blurbs and stuff cos reasons.